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4 colour process metallic foil?

How to acheive full 4col gamut in foil with just a single foiling application

By applying cold foil on a litho printing press and overprinting in-line with 4 colour process a full CMYK spectrum of foil colours can be achieved. The effects achieved far surpass traditional litho printed metallics, the visual results being fully reflective and appearing much more like a foil than a litho print, with the clear advantage of being able to achieve a full range of CMYK metallic foils in a single pass.

This process holds great potential for graphical work of course, the headline image to this article shows good use of 4col tints overprinting silver foil to produce a range of metallic colours. Combining the same process with CMYK imagery can produce stunning results, a full tonal range is achievable and the silver foil underpin can be used to highlight either specific areas or the entire image area.

The process we use involves putting a foil and a 4col litho down onto the sheet inline in a single pass. The foil used isn’t a conventional hot foil applied with a die, it’s a cold foil process which enables application of extremely fine detail (much finer than conventional hot foils) without making the “impression” into the sheet that you would normally see with a hot foil. This means we can combine CMYK (or Pantone spot colours for that matter) directly onto the foil, in perfect register, using tints or solids or a combination of both, to achieve the desired result.

The added beauty of this process is that any conventionally litho printed areas (IE direct onto the paper) can be printed at the same time as the foil overprints, inline, on the same machine in the same pass.

If you’d like to know more, or to see some samples, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.